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CMI will have a booth on October 3. Nikole Hahn, Worldventure appointed missionary, will be manning the booth. However, she does need volunteers. You can read more here.

  • Cards and bracelets will be handed out to believer and unbeliever alike FREE. For the believer, this is to help guide them in helping someone understand the Jesus of the Bible. For the unbeliever, an opportunity to talk to us about Jesus.
  • Helping People Find a Church: We’ll be helping people locate a church home. A clipboard will be available for people to sign up for a phone call later. We will need volunteers to make phone calls after the event should we get overwhelmed. Volunteers who serve that day are welcome to bring their tablets or smart phones to look up church information.
  • Prayer. Above all, we’ll be making ourselves available to pray with people.
  • Information About CMI: Paper applications will be available that day for people to take home and mail in. The idea is to bring attention to the issue of cybermissions in the Christian church. Encourage your friends to stop by our booth and ask questions.

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