The perception of the American Church (and Americans in general) towards immigrants, especially Muslims, by the outside world is hostility. How do we get the churches to educate their people on the 360 unreached people groups in the United States? How do we change perception? Why haven’t we connected social media with missions yet as a church body?

In a blog called, A Life Overseas, Amy Medina talks about “Second Class Missionaries.”

“Why do these missionaries feel this way?  Maybe because when Christians stand up and say, I’m called to missionary care!  I’m called to teach MK’s!  I’m called to missions administration!, the churches say, Well, sorry, you don’t fit in our strategy.  We’d rather get behind the exciting church planters and the pastoral trainers and the child-trafficking rescuers.Except, we expect them to do it without all the other people they need to be successful. (emphasis mine)”

“And so what happens?  The talented church planter gets bogged down by administrative tasks.  The mom who is gifted and called to women’s ministry has no choice but to homeschool.  The child-trafficking rescuer has a nervous breakdown because he has no one to help him work through the trauma of what he is facing.  Missionaries are particularly prone to burn-out.  Could this be partially because they are trying to do too many jobs themselves?” 

Like church administration, social media is a tool the church and missionaries can use if they simply change their perception. Like when people post negative stories about social media and its dangers all the time without also sharing the good social media is doing, we feed the narrative that the church doesn’t need social media. People already know the negative. It gives them a reason not to get involved. If we ignore it, social media will fade away, right?

Technology is changing the way our societies work and how we live and communicate. It gives the church an opportunity to share the Gospel if only we are led by knowledgeable leaders that train the church body to connect the dots between social media and missions.

Introducing…Good Neighbor Groups–A small group or life group in your church.

Good Neighbor Groups are part of the small group or life group of a church. You can have as many of them as you wish. The goal is to choose ONE people group. Focus your studies and prayer on that ONE people, being open to opportunities on and offline to serve that people group in your community.

Perception is everything. The American church already know where to find controversial and negative stories, but when was the last time you sat down for dinner with a Muslim family and treated them like ordinary human beings?

The mission field isn’t just out there. It is here in our cities and towns; a stone’s throw away from the front door of your church and a few clicks away in a Facebook group.

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