As anti–Muslim rhetoric gains speed, missionaries working among them are reporting how America is treating the people they are seeking to love with cold rudeness in various parts of the country, even in more liberal states. With between 360 and 282 unreached and unengaged people groups in the United States, we need to realize that most of them believe in Islam. The reports we received did not indicate the religious beliefs of those who professed their anger and hate at the Muslims, but many agree the American church has become hostile and political. At Cataclysm Missions Intl LLC, we seek to follow Jesus’ command to love others. For it is love that will change the generations, not anger. Anger is what nailed Jesus on the cross. Love is what saved us.

How can we change the perception of the American church when even overseas foreign workers are praying for our American churches? The Good Neighbor Group was born as a solution to bring people in America back to focusing on the unreached and unengaged in their own communities.

How do you start a Good Neighbor Group in your church? 

  • Prayerfully pick one people group in your community (or a community close by) to pray and serve.
  • Set up the group as a life or small group in your church. Meet regularly and start with prayer before you learn about them. Get creative in how you run your groups.
  • Get involved in community activities individually that involve that people group and have your group pray for your efforts. Encourage each other to find a way to serve this community and connect with them.
  • Contact us here to have your church listed on our website as hosting one or more groups. We will add you to our Good Neighbor Facebook group for added support and prayer as well as ideas on what to teach your group. When added to this group, you may take part as opportunities arise to connect online with your people group.

Our missionaries need more than our dollars; they need our prayer support. What if you were able to pray for and serve a people group in your community who has relatives where a missionary is serving? Imagine creating indigenous believers in America who are emailing, texting, and connecting with their relatives overseas and sharing their new life as a believer in the Jesus of the Bible with relatives who may not welcome that message from Americans! If we have one missionary for every one million people, something is wrong with the church. The world is now connected. Half of the world’s population is online. We have mind-blowing access to different cultures. This is why it is important to read missionary letters. Pray for them, but also learn from them. How can what they are doing apply to your efforts in America?

Enjoy this snippet from JD Payne: 

It was wonderful to be at the Reaching the Nations Summit this past weekend. It was a blessing to meet some new people and reconnect with old friends. If you were not there, I hope you took advantage of the livestream link I shared on social media. As promised to those of you in the chapel (or watching), you may find my slides HERE. I hope they will be of assistance to you in making disciples of all nations. Yes, the slide showing the updated numbers of unreached peoples and unengaged-unreached peoples is included. Dr. Bryan Galloway,Senior Research Analyst with the International Mission Board’s Global Research, shared them with me. Keep in mind the research is still being conducted for the U. S. and Canada (and posted at, and these present numbers are likely to be off by 1-5 people groups. If you compare them to last year (and when I published Strangers Next Door), you will see the differences provided by better research. (READ MORE)


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