Thank you for your zeal in wishing to reach the unreached and the unchurched with the truth of the Gospel via computer, mobile phones, and real life. We could use someone with your enthusiasm on our team. Please read the following carefully before applying.

Please read: Bylaws, Job Descriptions, and Statement of Beliefs.

You agree to abide by them if you are approved to be on our team as well as adhere to our behavior guidelines.


Missionary Application

If you have been vetted by a mission organization, use this application.

Missionary All In One APP


All In One Application

For the multi-tasking person who wishes to do all three positions: Blogger, Social Media Missionary, and Community Volunteer.

All in One





You can contact us for further information. Our bloggers educate and equip our readers to use their one social media well. It’s about engagement. It’s about bringing people in church online and people online to church. It’s about discipleship, being a friend, and a prayer warrior. It’s about educating Christians on false cults, religions, and beliefs. Anything you publish with us must be original, and the rights revert back to you after publication. Let’s change the world together.

Blogger Application




Social Media Mentors

Use your background as a former JW, Mormon, Buddhist, or even Atheist to speak to people on their terms about our Lord and Savior. We encourage any believer to apply, especially if they speak other languages.

Social Media Mentor Application



Community Volunteers are tech-minded. They know how to teach others social media, help churches change the way they do their web presence, and promote social media as a tool for missions. The Community Volunteer teaches technology to those who are homebound, creates a prayer movement that symbolizes the kind of unity CMI embraces, and is creative in how he or she represents CMI in their community. A Community Volunteer would be free to represent CMI at shows and conferences (expenses for this would be a Community Volunteer’s own). They work with the main office via email and social media to bring about more awareness of social media as a tool for evangelism and missions. Sometimes, they may speak to groups about us. Eventually, background checks will be required.

Community Volunteer





Guest Posting (Secure): If you are a missionary in a closed country and wish to share what the Lord is doing in your country, please send via encrypted email to a brief description of who you are, what missionary organization you are with, and the blog post or news you wish to be posted on this site. Remember that your post needs to be around the vision of this organization. Read other articles on this site.

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