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  • Blogger: This position is the least time-consuming. The former/current pastor, missionary, or ministry leader will write at least one blog a month on one of the categories. The goal is to teach the pew Christian to be at ease with technology and social media as well as to educate them on missions and other religions/cults, and how to engage those hurt by church or unbelievers online.
  • Online Social Media Mentors: After the person is accepted into this position, they promise to spend a minimum of an hour on an online forum a week, praying for, being a friend with, and when the Holy Spirit prods, speak truth into the lives they interact with.
  • Community Volunteer: This is someone in real life who interacts with local churches in his or her area, getting them to become social media aware, and teaching them technology, etiquette, and how to bring awareness to their congregation on using their social media with more missional intent. This person can speak to all age ranges who use social media, too, like youth groups. They also start a prayer movement.

All must submit to an application process that can take up to 30 days for the Core Group to make a decision upon. However, if you are a missionary, email to get a shorter contract for blogging, or to ask what to fill out on the application for the other positions. A missionary has to go through an intense process to become a missionary with an organization. The application wouldn’t be necessary provided the missionary organization shares the same beliefs as CMI.

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