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Churches and ministries should share information so we can work together to bring the Gospel to every dark corner of the world til the day Jesus returns and impact our community. If you would like your church to become more involved in social media missions, please consider starting this idea at your church:

Social Media Outreach

Social Media Outreach Details

1. Appoint a pastor in charge to put together volunteers and leaders.

2. Pastor puts a leader in charge per Sunday worship service time (or more than one leader, depending on the size).

3. Pastor and leader(s) work together to gather one or more groups of volunteers per service.

4. Each group is responsible for that congregations spiritual health and well-being. They are prayer warriors and people who do a newsfeed prayer walk, friend these members, text them, email them, etc.

5. After groups are formed, leaders and their group work together to gather each congregants social network list, emails, and cell phone and text numbers and information. Each volunteer in that group is assigned a handful of people to be in charge of.

6. Volunteers report to the leaders; leaders report to the pastor. Pastoral staff is apprised of congregations prayer requests and situations so that pastors know how to pray for their church.

How a Volunteer Serves Their Assigned People:

  • Friend or add your assigned people to your social networks, phone contact list, and email list.
  • Introduce yourself!
  • Create a group on your Facebook list so you don’t miss updates from your assignees.
  • Do a newsfeed prayer walk through your list.
  • Engage them on their social networks, encourage them via emails, and be creative!


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