“Regardless of actions by U.S. and regional governments, the push factors for many of these diverse flows will not abate anytime soon. As Brazilian political and economic conditions continue to deteriorate, there is diminishing hope for a better life for the tens of thousands of Haitians still living there. Haiti itself is still recovering from Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 and the spread of cholera that followed. While African and Asian migrants are also escaping poverty, thousands also flee persecution and apply for asylum in the United States. Though the flow of Cubans is somewhat different, in that it may have been motivated largely by pull factors, Cubans continue to struggle economically. Further, the pull factor of deep and intricate family ties in the United States, developed over a century, will not dissolve with the end of “wet-foot, dry-foot.””READ MORE

CMI respects the concerns for security, but also realizes, regardless of our political leanings, as Christians we are commanded to love and share our faith with others. If you truly knew the numbers of legal and illegal immigration, you’d realize the need for the Gospel and act on it. The law does need to be enforced. We still need to bring the Gospel to those already here.

Here are some ideas:

  • Get involved in your local cross-cultural ministry. Many different people groups live in urban areas. You can choose Mexican, Korean, Chinese, Saudi Arabians, etc.
  • Learn a new language and immerse you and your family in the culture of that ministry.

We can either act from a place of fear or out of the love Jesus first gave to us. Let’s not minimize the problems of illegal immigration, and not pass up this opportunity to participate in what God is doing cross-culturally. Move our discussions to strategy: How do we inspire the church to get involved and put their politics aside? 

Some Facts on Immigration and Refugees:

  • Refugees came here legally. They come with nothing from great trauma. The government gives them six months to acquire a job and learn the language. Church groups continue to help them find apartments, learn the language, and get jobs. Have you prayed for them? How can you get involved in this process?
  • Major problems being reported in the U.S. of illegal immigration is sex trafficking and drugs coming over the border. Also, the costs of getting a visa and coming legally are far less than obtaining fake documents with real social security numbers. Still, the immigration process is lengthy and complicated. It is not timely.
  • The refugee situation worldwide is critical. If every nation rejects them, where will they go? They’d return home if they could, but violence and war prevents this from happening. Put yourself in their place.
  • Isolating any people creates violence and poverty.

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