But you have to use Facebook videos wisely if you want to get results. Simply slapping a clip on your page isn’t necessarily going to increase traffic or improve your image. Everything from the topic chosen, length of the video, the content itself, and the amount of text affect your results. And getting it wrong means your video could flop. The new data collected by BuzzSumo, an exceptional tool that helps you identify popular content, is mind-blowing. (READ MORE)

According to Inc, they have discovered some new research from Buzz on videos. As a ministry, you should take this into consideration, not for merely marketing your church or ministry (though marketing is a necessary evil), but take this to heart to reach out to your community. Facebook is bigger than the major religions, including Islam and Christianity. Companies are using the live videos and regular videos to get in front of their audience. So, let’s dissect this article.

The number one topic for live or posted videos is food. Scan your friends and congregation news feeds. What do they share? How can this be used for ministry? Mormons are a great example for how to mix food and their religion. Check out any of their recipe books. You may find snippets of information about their religion, some Bible quotes, and Book of Mormon quotes. In video form, the believer can use the Facebook live to weekly share a recipe while talking about some anecdotal story. Think of this as relationship building.

Facebook videos that aren’t live have to reach the 31-second mark. Ideally, a 90-second video sharing Scripture is good. The longer it goes up to 6-minutes, you start losing your audience. Ironically, the Facebook LIVE videos are acceptable for more than 15-minutes in length. Understand that the Facebook Live allows for real time interaction. As a church, we really need to think about this: WHY are people watching longer videos when it is live versus the prerecorded? Is this an indication that people are hungry for that human connection? Live videos have a higher interaction rate than prerecorded videos. And lastly, choose the right topic. Make the video entertaining, but with value, too.

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