How do we reach the UNs? Well, Facebook’s Live Video App is one way.

  1. Login in to Facebook. Facebook only allows for one account per person. If you have two accounts and get discovered, Facebook will ask you to verify your identity and restrict you to one account or ban you from the use of Facebook. So make a decision now whether to use Facebook as a public or private account, but always privatize your statuses to ensure optimum engagement. Afterall, you don’t want trolls as friends.
  2. Click on Live Video App (pictured below). untitled-design-1
  3. When you get to the map, click on a video. You can comment while they do a live feed. They also see your comments, but they can’t see you. Only your name. Do this only if you are willing to friend people you wish to minister to as people on Facebook will try to friend you because they feel a connection or they are curious about you. You can always block people if they mean you harm. untitled-design-2untitled-design-4

Note: Your phone and tablet can be used to create a Facebook Live video. The live button is located in the status bar of Facebook. It will say, “Go Live.” 

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