Posted by Jason Drumm of Canyon Bible Church in Prescott, Arizona on Facebook and Quoted with Permission…

I’m grateful to my friend Andrew for planting this quote in my life last year: “Evangelism is being publicly and verbally amazed by Jesus Christ.” Since he said this in January of 2016, it has resonated with me, bounced around in my head, and struck me at the core. It’s not done with me either. So many of our evangelistic efforts fall short because they are not undergirded by a heart that is in awe of Christ. Too often, we can be tempted to evangelize because we’re told “we have to.” However, true evangelism does not need to be prompted by external motivation. True evangelism is a bubbling forth of what lies within. Jesus said, “The mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart.” It is only when we are amazed by the person and work of our Savior that we go and boldly proclaim his excellencies, his wonders, and his greatness without fear and without prodding. When we think about our evangelism in this way —as being publicly and verbally amazed by Jesus Christ —we begin to see what true evangelism is, we begin to see why some of us are not doing it, and we begin to see what must happen to change that.

May this be a reminder today from Cataclysm Missions Intl LLC to check your motivations and share from a heart totally in love and amazed by Jesus. May it inspire you as you share online how you are amazed with what Jesus did on the cross and how it reflects every day in your life, words, and actions. May Sunday morning be etched in your heart, not something you forget.

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