A Gospel bomb is when you suddenly start witnessing to a total stranger and take off just as suddenly. You don’t know anything about the person you are witnessing to, but maybe you were challenged by your pastor to talk about Christ? Today, our society is about everything instant, and this has to change, including how we witness to others.

So why do we drop the Gospel bomb rather than invest in others?

  • We are busy. It’s tight to fit in an hour of coffee with another friend. So when our pastors encourage us to share the Gospel, it takes less time to drop the Gospel bomb, but a lot of courage to share our faith and we feel great doing so in a hit and run way. Instead, drop something that is time consuming and unnecessary. This might leave your schedule open to meeting people who need to know Christ for coffee; or spending time with them on social media.
  • Results driven. Often, it feels like a ministry isn’t working unless we can show the notches on our belt of Salvations. In all honesty, relationships take time, and a belief in Christ needs nurturing and prayer. We should focus less on the numbers and more on discipling the people. Nurture that friendship with your time and your Christian love.
  • Likes Vs. Engagement. In a world of two second likes, dropping the Gospel bomb fits right in our instant culture. We like statuses on Facebook, share tweets and photos, but are we encouraging deeper engagement? Some ways you can do this is to send private messages or texts to people who post something that requires deeper thoughts and longer conversations. With private responses, you won’t get interruptions from those who don’t know your friend and might say something damaging.
  • Try for Longevity Rather Than Short Term Solutions. Build a community online and in face-to-face. Try, instead of dropping the Gospel bomb, choosing one cashier and standing in her line every time you go shopping. While she is ringing up your stuff, ask her about her life and make conversation. Say, please, and, thank you, and respect her time and person. One of the ways to respect her as a person is to not be on your cell phone while she rings you up at the cash register. It’s rude no matter how nice of a person you are to others. It says to the person that they aren’t important.

It’s not to say the Gospel bomb is always ineffective. If it is truly Holy Spirit inspired, you do what the Holy Spirit says. If it is emotion or guilt-driven, just don’t do it. Instead, invest in people. Be generous with your time or eliminate something in your schedule so you can be generous with your time.

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