Last week’s article talked about the negative side of technology. The concerns are legitimate. Our world needs to understand how to balance online and face-to-face community. The common complaints from ministry leaders and parents are how kids don’t know how to make conversations in the face-to-face world.

Here’s a few suggestions on controlling the social media rather than letting the social media control you:

  • Social Media or Technology Fast: Some people choose a few weeks to a few days several times a year to fast or refrain from using social media or technology and reboot their human system through rest.
  • Utilize Apps: Believe it or not, there are apps that can turn off your internet on your computer so you are not allowed online until that allotted time is up. This article talks about nine apps from PC World that you can use to unplug. 
  • Budget your social time. Michael Hyatt, former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers once said you could use social media for 30 minutes a day. That 30 minutes can be done all at once or a little throughout the day.

But what about our smart phones and tablets? Here’s some daily things you can do to keep the social media controlled, rather than out of control:

  • When someone is talking to you, put your phone away and out of sight. Make eye contact and focus on that conversation rather than the next text or notification.
  • When meeting someone for lunch, silence your notifications and texts. Focus on the person in front of you for the duration of your time with them.
  • Keep your notifications off. This is for people prone to addiction.

If none of the above help you, consider instead getting a flip phone, selling your tablet, and using a desktop or laptop for all your social media. Put the laptop or desktop in a designated room. It forces you to walk into the room to check your social media. Social media doesn’t need to be a negative experience. For the sake of remaining human and knowing technology and social media will continue to evolve, it’s best that humans learn how to balance both communities.

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