Crossing Cultures in Scripture is a stimulating canonical exploration that presents a biblical theology of culture and God’s activity therein from Genesis to Revelation. Newell divides the book into three major sections: (1) foundational cultural considerations, (2) crossing cultures in the Old Testament, and (3) crossing cultures in the New Testament. The presupposition that guides the overall existence of this investigation is discovered in Newell’s adherence to the Reformation principal of sola Scriptura. For Newell, the Bible is “the first and final authority for all that we believe and practice” and the “primary point of reference” for studying and engaging culture (p. 13). Therefore, when it comes to the task of cultural and crosscultural engagement, for Newell, “the Bible itself is a textbook on cultural understanding” that displays itself within three primary realities: (1) the Bible is the portrayer of cultures, (2) the Bible is a sculptor of cultures, and (3) the Bible is an appraiser of cultures (p. 13-14). READ MORE

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