You don’t need to have the skills of a graphic designer or fancy programs like Adobe Photoshop to create devotionals your pastor would love. Instead, you can follow these simple steps to create simple and sharable devotionals for people not running a business, who go to work and come home, but who wish to share their faith in a personal way.

  1. Go to a cloud-based photo editing program like Canva or PicMonkey. For the simplicity of today’s lesson, we are using Canva. You can use Facebook to log into Canva, but eventually Canva will require you to set up a password and email. You can access Canva from your tablet and do images on the go. They have free and affordable images, but I choose images from other copyright-free areas.
  2. Decide what God is putting on your heart to share. What story do you want to tell? Go to copyright-free sites such as unsplash, pixabay, stocksnap, or even Morguefile to find the right high resolution photo to tell your micro-story.
  3. Canva will give you a choice between pre-sized templates for your project. For social media, choose the one that says “Social Media” (800×800). It works well on mobile devices and desktop.
  4. Upload your photo and begin placement of your text and words. Then, download and upload to your chosen social media program.

Word to the wise though: Balance out the words with the images. Use fewer words to make your point and focus on giving your images the stage. Both must help the other to tell the story online. Don’t crowd the picture. Fuzzy pictures and pictures taken from Google results in less than ideal images. If you are going to use your social media to share your faith, do it well.

Create an image to post every day. Also, in the space where you can write something as you post the photo devotional, share a prayer, something that God put on your heart, your struggles, etc–something that goes with the photograph and the words on the photograph or illustration.

Don’t forget to use your social media to invite a friend to Easter Service. 

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