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Cataclysm wishes to mobilize the Christian Community through education, action, and prayer. We spoke about prayer here when Esther sent her people to fast before she made her dangerous move to stand up for her people. We are asking you to prayerfully consider how you can volunteer with us based on your availability.

In this crazy, 24-hour world, people are working different and weird hours. Monday through Friday is no longer the norm, and days off are falling on odd days of the week, like a Monday or Tuesday. The online world is becoming a bigger community than the face-to-face in some places. We’re more apt to spend an hour on Facebook than an hour with a friend at coffee. We are braver online to talk to a stranger than we are on Sunday in the face-to-face world. Cataclysm wishes to bring balance between the face-to-face world and social media community. We need both. Opportunity exists in both. Your weird hours can benefit someone else who may be home when everyone else is at work.

With 360 unreached people groups in the United States alone and Google and Facebook competing to get internet to the remotest regions of Africa, the Great Commission is suddenly available to all with a smart phone or keyboard. If we are likely to spend an hour of unchecked time on Facebook lurking or “liking,” why not use that time to volunteer with us?

Why Should You Volunteer?

  • You have knowledge. We need people to write articles once per month (they don’t have to be long) on new technology, coding, creative ways to reach people for Christ, creative ways to disciple, false cults and religions and how to reach them with the Gospel, or theology. You are a Sunday School teacher or Life Group teacher and need a place to share your thoughts. The blog is for teachers to teach our readers how to reach people online and face-to-face.
  • You are a techie and a prayer warrior. We have a Community Volunteer Position that is perfect for you to do with a partner. One of you could be the techie and the other the prayer warrior. This position means you are connecting with churches for free or at a low cost to teach them technology, online strategy, and how to mobilize their congregations to reach the unreached, the unloved, and the unchurched with the Gospel. The prayer warrior creates a once monthly prayer movement comprised of different Christian churches that go out into parts of your town simply to collect and pray for prayer requests. You are creating community through prayer in your home town. We stress that we do not market your favorite church through this, but wear name tags to show the different churches that are represented in your group. You are associated with us and would be a parra-church ministry. You can create the group under the loose guidelines here and put your own spin on it.
  • You are on Social Media. We need you to join our team. You can connect with people online, help them find financial help, food boxes, and/or a church through direct contact with these ministries in their towns by acting the mediator between them and the person you are creating a relationship with online. You can make your own hours.
  • You are a missionary and need to put yourself out there to continuously raise funds or justify what you do as a missionary. Write for us on the blog.

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