Tripling Mobile Internet Access…

Could mobile access lead to increased prosperity?

If the poor had access to mobile technology, would it make them more prosperous? Richer?

Did you know that some IT prognosticators see the Internet as a technological means to give the poor access to greater wealth? Consider this simple fact: If mobile access was universally tripled over the next 15 years, it could make the developing world $22 trillion richer. The ability to improve the lives and earning potential of poor people all over the world could indirectly help with the other challenges. After all, an increase in income is directly related to health, nutrition and education. Read more here.

“Access to market information, for example, can ensure that farmers selling their surplus crops are not cheated by unscrupulous traders, and that fishermen can land their catch at the port offering the best price. A McKinsey report estimates that bringing mobile broadband in the developing world to the levels of the industrial world could add $400 billion annually to global GDP and create more than ten million jobs.” (From here).

Now, as we discuss wealth, think of the benefit of reading the Gospel and receiving Jesus Christ as your personal Savior would have on the well-being of the poor.

How the Internet Works

One of the challenges of expanding mobile technology is the fact that people in remote and developing regions have limited exposure and understanding of the dynamics of the internet and how the World Wide Web works. Some can’t discern between the Web and the Internet.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee at a Royal Society symposium said,

‘It’s actually much worse than that. Hundreds of millions of people now think that Facebook is the internet.”

He’s absolutely right – except that now the number of the unknowing is now probably closer to a billion. Facebook has more than 1.3 billion users. Facebook holds such a large market that people access it several different ways even in the course of a day – they could be sitting at a desk accessing it via a network or on the Facebook app on a mobile device. (Source: The Guardian) This information demonstrates how accessible mobile technology is everywhere, especially in developing regions. Evangelists, this is a market that can’t be ignored.

This is nowhere near impossible. You can reach them, and contrary to popular belief, Facebook doesn’t have them all. BibleTransmission is seeing thousands of clicks a day on our paid ads across four continents.

The United Nations states it wants to end hunger worldwide by 2030. This is 100% in line with the wishes of Jesus Christ for his people.

Jesus said,“Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give some of the hidden manna…” Rev. 2:17. He is the Giver of both natural and spiritual food. Christians understand that it is God who is our ultimate Provider. The eradication of hunger comes from the blessing of God on His people. BibleTransmission is working tirelessly to tell the remote poor about Jesus, and to bring spiritual “food” to his people.

Open Doors

Open Doors recently sent an email declaring that the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa have experienced widespread Islam extremism. People of Christian faith have faced a large part of this malice. BibleTransmission is dedicated to bringing the gospel to this region via mobile technology, and working hard to accomplish this task.

The people in this region are hungry for knowledge of Jesus Christ two or three times more than in other places. They respond to our banner ads in large numbers and are thirsting for knowledge. BibleTransmission plans to increase efforts soon in the 10/40 window and give these people the knowledge of Jesus that they seek.

About Nancy Keel

BibleTransmission is a non-profit organization that helps missionaries share the Gospel to the ends of the earth via mobiles in developing nations. Nancy Keel is the founder of Bible TransMission. At Bible TransMission we show how to share Gospel content to mobiles OFFLINE via Micro SD cards. This is a time tested practice for the mission field. Perfect for short term trips and residing missionaries who want to share culturally relevant media to evangelize or strengthen believers. Visit our website for videos and instruction on transferring files from computer to mobile, and from mobile to mobile. http://bibletransmission.com/sharing-audio-bibles-via-mobile/ We recently started ONLINE distribution of Gospel content to remote mobiles in developing nations with great success. We run ad campaigns through a mobile ad agency for pennies a click. This is a distribution method that many Christian organizations should consider to increase the exposure of their content or activities internationally. http://bibletransmission.com/offer-the-gospel-message-directly-to-mobiles-in-developing-nations-for-pennies/

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