• “If you’re not on Facebook, talking about the church, you’re not talking about it…” You become irrelevant.
  • “Technology has changed. Just hang on from 2008 to 2028.” It’s going to be phenomenal. The church needs to be trained on social media before technology gets crazy so we don’t fall behind.
  • “The church leader of the future needs to be a learner. The leaders are failing now because most leaders are not trying to understand the world.” You need to have an insatiable apatite to learn something new every week.
  • “The program-driven church model is a dead model today.”
  • Nones.. “We don’t have to go to church anymore.” Cultural Christianity declines to Nones.
And lastly….
  • “TIME is the most precious resource your church members have!” The workshop will help you develop them as people who serve online.
Beyond Marketing: Developing Online Outreach Teams is on Tuesday, January 9, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. hosted by Southwest Church Connection at Desert Springs Community Church. RSVP by messaging them at their FB page.

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