Don’t make a missionary’s job harder by posting against any people group. Learn and pray for them. Your willingness to serve the unreached through prayer helps a missionary in his work.

Enjoy this heavy reading from American Culture and Faith Institute

The social upheaval that has characterized America over the past decade is closely related to the rise of what is known as “identity politics” – the practice of organizing a distinct social or political constituency around a cause, a sense of threatened existence, the perceived loss of opportunities or influence, or a set of ideals. A number of movements have emerged to challenge society’s prevailing traditions, beliefs, customs, and laws based on claims of discrimination related to race, sexuality, ethnicity, economics, and spirituality.

The recent, ugly events in Charlottesville are simply the latest in the increasing number of incidents sparked by identity politics. As the nation’s political polarization approaches perilous heights, Americans have ample reason to feel endangered by this practice and to demand that our leaders address these issues with wisdom and courage.

A new national survey conducted by the American Culture & Faith Institute, under the direction of George Barna, looked at peoples’ perceptions of various population groups and discovered numerous areas in which prevailing beliefs about our population are wrong or questionable – and could result in violent or conflict situations. – CONTINUE READING 

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