Much has been written the past few weeks about the draft revision to theRegulations on Religious Affairs, the main policy document that spells out how religion is to be managed in China.

With the publication for comment of a draft revision to the Regulations on Religious Affairs, now would be a great time to take a second look at the 2013 winter issue of the ChinaSource Quarterly, in which we took an in-depth look at religious policies in China and their impact on the church.

Writing in the lead editorial I noted that, as is the case with everything in China, the situation is complex:

… when seeking to understand the relationship between church and state or the attitude of the government towards religion in general, and Christianity in particular, we need to have a better understanding of what we mean by “the government.” Which department? Which level? Are we talking about a government body or a party body? Or both? What about the police? Where do they fit in the mix, not to mention the Ministry of State Security?


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