In our journey, it has also been difficult to get churches on board with the changing technology. Raising funding for it is difficult. In our experience, a lack of vision weighs down the church. We lock onto fear instead. So, let’s explore the issues this atheist brought up in this article about Pastor Soto’s VR church:

  • Pastor Soto has vision. We struggled with why he needed to travel when he could do everything virtually from one location. We haven’t experimented with VR yet, but that is in the plans. Our mission and vision here at CMI is to share with you what God is doing through technology. People should get involved with funding.
  • A church planter wanted something that brings people to a face-to-face church. So, why not embrace the VR and partner with Soto to where active leads could be sent to pastors of church plants to follow up? Why can’t church be both online and face-to-face? Support what is working.
  • The article said Christians have always adopted new technologies. A portion of mostly missionaries do, but you’d never hear about it from the pulpit. You hear about traditional overseas missionaries. With 2 billion people on Facebook, 4 billion total on the internet, that’s more than half of the world’s population. We have access to unreached people groups at the church congregation level.

The question is: You are on Facebook (or Instagram, or ___________ ). You may lurk. You may post everything or barely anything. The mission field has come to you. It is at your fingertips. How can you share the Gospel with different people groups? How can you share the Gospel with our neighbors online? How can you listen first online before you post? How can you partner with your church and missionary organization to post more authentically and strategically? How can your social media space be a welcome place of fellowship?

Instead of focusing on all the negative of the internet, the temptations, train your people. Train them to use the internet in contextual ways, changing their approach in how they share the Gospel. Be bold in faith. Zuckerberg’s announcement is a welcome breath of fresh air. It means, the church congregation will need to partner with their missionary organizations and churches to join in global outreach or some of their funding will have to go to Facebook for advertising.

Technology is not going away. Let’s learn to use it better, because it’s only going to get more extreme.

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