The iChurch Method by Jason Caston is a great manual for churches, non-profits, and ministries. It encompasses the beginner as well as the advanced. The only thing I found objectionable was making the free sermon online a for-profit business.

Most churches video tape their sermons, post them on their websites, and have a DVD available to pick up on Sundays. If a pastor wanted to publish additional resources, DVDs, or booklets, this book is great for getting the guidelines to do so to make extra money. For the person at the beginning of learning about marketing and social media, The iChurch Method speaks at their level.

Social media, websites, and blogs are no longer optional in our new world. If you want to be noticed, you must have them and use them to bring awareness of your cause, your church, or your ministry. People aren’t just going to show up because you toss a website online or erect a sign on the lawn. Train your congregations to use social media to grow your church. Teach them about false cults and religions, theology, story, and technology on a yearly basis. A website grows because people talk about it. The first couple of chapters are ideal for the congregation member learning to use social media.

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