When we launched Cataclysm Missions Intl LLC in 2015, it was to show a missionary organization what is possible with social media. As this ministry has developed, we felt a second launch to streamline a few things and change our operating agreement was necessary. Our application page has been down as we re-create tedious applications to be online. We also changed the rule that bloggers had to fill out an application. Now, bloggers can sign a media release and submit a testimony in order to qualify as a blogger with us.

Cataclysm is about flooding the world with the Gospel and empowering the church to serve online. We want to bring what God is doing in the world of social media and technology to the pulpit. The new mission field and traditional missionary work must share the pulpit so we can work together to bring the church online in an organized way to reach the unreached, the unloved and the unchurched to know Jesus. With half of the world’s population online, what is the church waiting for?

In that light, what does it mean to serve with us?

  • Bloggers with Cataclysm Missions Intl LLC are teachers who teach and empower the church to serve online by helping them make the connection between missionary work and social media.
  • Bloggers blog on discipleship, missions, technology, social media, coding, web design, online marketing, etc. From a post as simple as, “How to open a Twitter Account,” to more complicated coding suggestions to creative online art like photography.
  • Bloggers bring attention to other organizations that are doing work in technology and social media on the mission field without blowing their security or revealing sensitive information.
  • Bloggers talk about people groups and what kind of technology they use to inspire people going or already in the field to use this to build strong relationships.
  • Bloggers teach about other cultures so the church can talk on social media to other cultures without offending them.
  • Bloggers refer churches to businesses who teach social media that are Christian and who don’t charge too much. The idea of empowering the church means thinking differently when you are reading marketing articles or taking a social media class. It’s about getting your content in front of people without tricking them to open a link (i.e. click bait).
  • Bloggers save their best stuff for the Facebook Group and communicate with people in that group as a way to build the awareness of social media as the new mission field without publishing our best stuff on a public place like this blog.
  • Bloggers encourage people to take prayer seriously when serving online.
This are just some of the things our bloggers do. We are looking for more bloggers. Our goal is to get one blogger for every day in a month with each blogger posting once per month and spending the rest of that time contributing to the Facebook group. We don’t care what your resume says…
  • Can you write?
  • Do you know tech?
  • Does your church want to write as a team, representing your church online in the byline?
  • Are you on at least one social network?
  • Are you serving overseas and wish to be on a multi-author blog instead of maintaining your own website?
  • Do you want to write under a pen name?

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