Blogging can be especially easy. Blogs can be 300-700 words, but some bloggers blog up to a thousand words with great success. I came across this article on Jason Miller’s LinkedIn site:

A great blog post has just enough words to make its point and leave you wanting more.  READ MORE

I read another article how hand-drawn content is becoming increasingly popular. I did one here to illustrate how to act on Facebook. The point is: it’s your voice that draws people to you.

As a Christian, you have every reason to start a blog:

  • It’s free.
  • Your testimony is important.
  • Matthew 28:19-20
  • Your faith isn’t private.

Some things to know before you blog:

  • You are considered a publisher.
  • You are liable for slander.
  • Don’t use real names of people. Create composites and hide real people. Saying mom or dad or sister or brother would be okay.
  • Don’t use it to vent.
  • Be who you are in real life online.  Your core message must be the same.
  • Turn off geo-tagging on your cell phone pictures before you post them on your blog.

It’s  not about how many people who follow you on your blog or who subscribe or even who visit your blog, but it’s about quality, not quantity. Take the time to engage your readers.

That’s mission.



About Nikole Hahn

A new appointee with WorldVenture, a missionary organization, who works at FBC Prescott as a church secretary and has joined the world of cybermissions. You can partner with her in ministry, by giving at

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