People talk about the addiction of Smart Phones, but what they don’t talk about is the time they spend on email forwards.

Email forwards are typically stories that are false, recycled feel good stuff, or stories that have been reworked to be believable in the new year. These emails end up being sent to people who often delete them. Instead of sending forwards about Bigfoot, the one about the God Bless America being taken off the coins, and other myths or false political statements, consider using your love of emails to engage the culture.

How to Use Emails to Evangelize, Heal, or to Encourage a Sense of Community:

  1. Subscribe to your church’s prayer list. Send an email to someone on the list to let them know you are praying for them.
  2. Pick someone on your forward list to invite to coffee or tea or a meal.
  3. Use your forward list to circulate community announcements on service projects that could include helping a senior adult with yard work, repainting, picking up groceries for someone sick, or if someone needs help financially.
  4. Befriend someone you don’t know and use emails to communicate friendship, prayer, and the truth of the Gospel. You can set up a fake email to hide your location and unclutter your personal email account. Try to use your real name if possible. At least, a first name.
  5. Send encouraging notes to your pastors or leaders in the community. Please do not send them any forwards unless they request it. Their 80-hour weeks do not need more clutter.

I always see some wild stuff come through both my email and my Facebook newsfeed. Make sure when you share things on either platform that the stories are verifiable, proven, and from sources that have a good reputation online. Also, be courteous in your email forwards.

  1. Ask someone if you can add them to your email forward list.
  2. If you ask someone if you can send one email, don’t end up sending them fifty. You only have permission for one.
  3. If someone has asked you repeatedly to stop sending them forwards, please stop sending them. They should only have to ask you once. I have a free chimp mail account so people on my list can unsubscribe. They aren’t held hostage to my emails.

Meanwhile, be discerning. Don’t believe everything you read.

If you are going to spend two hours on email forwards, wouldn’t you want to be more effective and efficient with your time? The missionary call in the Bible is not just for those choosing to go, but for those of us in our own communities, to serve where we live, and create community; to bring the Gospel to those cultures within our own country.


About Nikole Hahn

A new appointee with WorldVenture, a missionary organization, who works at FBC Prescott as a church secretary and has joined the world of cybermissions. You can partner with her in ministry, by giving at

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