Read this interview from Dr. Berding on how the church is starving itself. Maybe it’s time we worked on scripture memorization. According to different reports from oral communities, it can be a matter of listening to a book of scripture over and over again. A suggestion might be to get an Ipod and download from itunes an audio book of the Bible. While you are out walking, running, or even hiking, listen to the Bible. Do it again and again. 


You claim that many people have an underlying distrust of the Bible. Explain what you mean.

Dr. Berding: We live in a generation where lots of people distrust authoritative texts. Even though we are not always aware of it, many of us—self-professing Christians included—have breathed in this air of distrust. During doctoral studies I had to read a book titled Is There a Text in This Class? by Stanley Fish, a Duke University professor at that time. In his opinion, there are actually no meanings that you can discover from reading written words. Instead, social groups create their own subjective meanings when they read texts. Said differently, it isn’t possible to read a text and actually know what it means. You’re stuck with trying to make some sort of meaning out of it in whatever setting you find yourself. Have you ever heard the following comment? “Well, maybe the passage means that to you, but it doesn’t mean the same thing to me.” Anyone who makes such a comment is inhaling the same air as the professor I just mentioned. I have had various students over the years make a related comment: “There are so many different interpretations, how can we know which is correct?” They’re breathing in the same air. READ MORE

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