The Bible Study Project

A line of Bible Studies done “face-to-face” through a video call app like Zoom, Vsee, or Skype. Sponsored by Cataclysm Missions Intl LLC as a project to encourage a line of studies where people can study around their jobs, families, and busy schedules. This is to counteract the Bible illiteracy plaguing our nation. We also desire to see people come “face-to-face” with other people. Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” 

We are looking for workers and church planters who are with larger organizations, church leaders, and ministry leaders at church willing to lead their own studies. Below are listing of studies. If you don’t see one you like, consider starting one.

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New Study

Book of Haggai, Esther, and The Tabernacle and Temple Study

Starts January 15…

Teacher: Gaye Austin

It is now January and time to re-engage. Our new study will begin on Monday, January 15th (7pm CST—you determine your time zone). This time we will study:
1. The book of Haggai
2. The Tabernacle/Temple
3.The Book of Esther

The time frame is 12 weeks +/- depending on what we glean and how far we travel down our rabbit trails.

You must sign up to be a part of this new study as there will be a new access link. You can email me at or Nikki will put a new link on her FB page.

The new link will be:

I am looking forward to seeing you all once again.
Gaye Austin

Your Bible Study Here

Your Bible Study Here

Your Bible Study Here

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