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Barna: Perceptions of Jesus, Christians & Evangelism in the UK

Barna report from February 10, 2016

But even though most UK adults believe Jesus was a historical person, they are much less convinced of his divinity. In fact, belief in Jesus’ divinity is not common at all. Only about one in five adults among the general population holds the orthodox belief that Jesus was “God in human form who lived among people in the 1st Century” (22%). The most common belief about Jesus is that he was “a prophet or spiritual leader, not God” (29%). READ MORE

It’s important to get to know the demographics of where you wish to serve. When serving online, you must understand that the internet reaches to all corners of the world. This Barna report is especially interesting. Further, this is also interesting: 

“This is likely due to the fact that a majority of ethnic groups in the UK belong to a religion—but not always Christianity. For instance, almost all Pakistani and Bangladeshi UK adults are Muslim, and in Islam Jesus is considered a prophet but not God.”

Most of the fruitful conversations appear to happen through the relationships between non-Christians and Christians. The research does not indicate what religion the “Christians” came from. Because Christian is such a universal word that has been known to include (not officially) Mormonism and New Age, I wonder what religions these believers came from?

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