You go to church.

You go to work. 

You lead a ministry somewhere a couple of hours a week. 

So, why aren’t you taking affordable courses like Perspectives? Why aren’t you learning from missionaries past and present and implementing missionary strategies they used or are using in your own communities? 886,552 international students were enrolled in 2014 in universities and colleges. Muslim communities exist in your towns. Cities have multiple people groups whose cultures are current history. We’ve done church the same way over the years. We haven’t changed, and because we haven’t changed, churches are closing their doors in some towns. Numbers are down. We’ve gotten so comfortable that church is about our seat, our favorite programs, and uncommitted people shying away from long-term projects. The church isn’t training the believers in their midst to serve online and therefore missing out on an opportunity to serve from your living room.

Are we being unfair? Share in the comments how you are training your congregation to use social media to engage, share the Gospel, and address a people group your church likes to support overseas? 

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