Right in the middle of Romans 16, we meet Paul’s “dear friend” Epenetus. His distinction is that he was the first convert to Christ in the province of Asia. He is only mentioned here in the whole of the NT. We don’t know anything about him as to his position, his family or his vocation. We don’t know how he came to Christ.  What we do know is that he has made the life changing decision to follow Christ, and with it, came this shocking revelation: there were no churches or no Bibles for him to read, and perhaps no other believer to walk alongside him on his “road to Emmaus.” Only Jesus.


If this were you, would it be enough?

You may have encountered an Epenetus. They have found Christ, and although they lived a morally upstanding life, it was not a Christ-like life. Would you be willing to walk along the “Emmaus” road with them? Are you willing to pray with them and begin to disciple them one step at a time? Would you be willing to be a listener as they seek answers to  their questions? Would you be willing to encourage them to love others who still are like they were?

Beloved, remember this; they may have to re-learn what you already know such as how to think and how to read and understand the Bible. They may have had to take a stand that runs counter to the belief system they have left behind. It has left scars of their former existence that you have not had. They know the high price of freedom from sin. To them, their new life is exciting beyond anything they could imagine.


Are you willing to place yourself in their shoes and then choose to walk the road with them?  

If you can say yes to both of those questions then you are ready to take the next step of commitment to them. It may be a one time encounter or it may mean months of interacting with them for just one day or one day a week at a time. It may mean you offer your financial, emotional, and/or spiritual blessings. Jesus reminded us that we must “count the cost.”

Are you ready to take this next step? 

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When not writing for the Bible.org ministry Facebook page, Gaye Austin can be found working on her own web page, titled http://sonshinesjournal.com/ As a lover of snail mail you might find her thanking the donors of the Bible.org ministry where she works as a full-time volunteer. You might find her reading and on the alert for good writers for the children’s ministry blog; Heartprints. Life has taken Gaye on many adventures of faith from NY to GA, Maryland, Fl and now to Texas. Along the way, she has found discipling other women rewarding. In Texas, she and her husband enjoy time with their son, daughter-in-law and cheering on their aspiring musical theater granddaughter; a senior at Baylor University. Gaye has been active in many churches Sunday School programs, Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) and teaching Precept Ministries classes. It was through these she learned how to study the Bible and started writing curriculum and Sunday School lessons for her husband’s class. Along with this she also taught elementary school. Now, when not glued to the computer screen, she enjoys gardening and reading. Because her life has had many twists and turns she recently rewrote her testimony titled “Protected” after seeing how God has directed and protected her through the many years she has walked with Him.

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