People who are home-bound have an incredible opportunity to consider writing for us. How could a home-bound person help spread the Gospel?

  • Become a Social Media Missionary with us.
  • Write for us.

If you know of a home-bound person, and you are tech-savvy, consider partnering with them to help with the technology. The two volunteer positions that work well with a home-bound situation are empowering. It gives them a sense of purpose and makes them feel young again.

Consider the cost:

  • One hour a week a tech person could spend with the home-bound person to help them with their computer, laptop, or tablet.
  • A tech person could upload their handwritten posts under the name of the home-bound person on their behalf if technology is too challenging.

At first, your Home-bound person might scoff at the idea of using technology to pray for and engage someone online, but with your help, they may see beyond their fears and take hold of the possibilities. God is stirring the hearts of writers and techies everywhere.

Let’s work together on this! Let’s mobilize the church to get online. Let’s overcome barriers.


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