roots-logoIn partnership with Roots Writers Social Media & Critique Group, I am looking for submissions for a Christian Anthology. We’re accepting two different types of true stories, the first kind being Zacchaeus stories.  Have you ever walked into a sinner’s home or job to share Jesus? Examples would be a believer entering a strip club to lead strippers to Christ, witnessing to someone in a controversial/dangerous setting… any kind of bold/creative mission work (you don’t have to be a career missionary).

The second type of true stories we’re looking for are Stories of Courage. Have you ever made a bold move(s) on faith? Examples would be, a tattoo artist making art for God (despite criticism he/she may receive), an author tackling dark/edgy genres to reach the lost, moving to a new home/job in obedience to God without knowing the outcome, etc.

If you’re unsure whether or not your story fits the above categories, feel welcome to inquire. We would love creative, artistic writing styles as well as traditional. Artwork (black and white), photographs, and poetry are welcome. Contributors believe the bible is the infallible word of God. Submission word count up to 5,000 wds. Send submission by April 8, 2017 to Sherry at

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