Community Volunteers

Community Volunteer

Unless the Community Volunteer requests it, all Community Volunteers are listed here so people in his or her area can contact someone to get involved. Our goal is to show unity in the church on the essentials while respecting different denominations. If the Community Volunteer requests it, the email can be CMI’s own email so all communications would be forwarded to the leader through a secure connection.





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About Community Volunteer

Cataclysm Missions International has a position open called a, “Community Volunteer.”

This person must know technology and how to use social media. They must be willing to help churches and ministry groups get on board with cybermissions, to help them work together as One Church.

The Community Volunteer can partner with someone to do this or work alone. This person is in contact with CMI in secret communication for the sake of confidentiality, and is CMI’s hands and feet in real life. Often, they help train social media missionary volunteers or be our contact if someone is found online who would like to be connected with a church for further discipleship.

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