Are You Called to Serve?

(All positions are required to adhere to our statement of faith. We are looking for volunteers with heart for the lost!)

Bloggers Wanted! 

Blogging: We are a teaching blog. A bloggers goal is to help the every day Christian in understanding how to reach the unreached and the unengaged; to understand false cults and theology and how to cut through it to the heart; to understand how to use technology and social media from as basic as how to sign on to Twitter to more complicated as how to code an app; and best discipleship practices. We are seeking ministry leaders, pastors (former or current), missionaries, or the Christian sold out on Jesus and called to write.

To become a blogger:

You may also:

  • Blog under a pen name as long as you used your real name to the media release.
  • Your identity will be protected if you are a missionary in a closed country.


Prayer Coordinator

Project: Good Neighbor Group

Prayer Coordinator: This is a volunteer position requiring knowledge of WordPress and Facebook. You can put in as little as 8 hours a week or as much as 40.

A Prayer Coordinator… 

  • Manages posts on the Good Neighbor Facebook Group.
  • Connects with churches to start a small group as part of the Good Neighbor Facebook Group.
  • Prays for the unreached in the United States.
  • Gets an email with us so she can contact people on behalf of CMI.
  • Writes blog posts about unreached people groups in the United States once per month and posts it in the Good Neighbor Group.

If you are interested in this position…

  • Write a one page testimony, including what church you attend.
  • Complete the blogger media release and email it back to No electronic signatures.
  • Include three references with names, who they are to you, and emails. References must be from churches, ministry leaders, or employment.

Online Applications coming soon for Social Media Mentors and Community Volunteers

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