Definition: According to the definition of cataclysm, it is a deluge or something that brings about great change. Our website was thus named, Cataclysm, with missions and international added later to give it more identity. The description is the kind of change we’d like to see: bringing the offline world online and the online world to church. The church, by Biblical standards, are the brothers and sisters of Christ worldwide. Cataclysm Missions International (CMI) seeks to unify the Christian church, while still keeping denominational individuality, to link hands across the globe, focusing instead on the blood of Christ; the message of Salvation. CMI chooses to use the word, “Disciple of Christ,” rather than Christian because Christian has taken on many meanings. The Mormon church claims Christianity. New Age, at times, call themselves Christian. Then, there is cultural Christianity. So we choose to use, “Disciple of Christ,” to describe a Christian’s journey. The purpose of CMI is to educate and equip the Christian to go out into the online world as missionaries, either officially with us, or unofficially on their own to use the social media they already use more missionally.

History: Cataclysm Missions International (CMI) was born in 2014 when the Mormon Church recognized the internet as a mission field and charged its 84,000 missionaries to evangelize online. CMI recognized long before the Mormon church did how powerful and influential social media is, and how it’s another world and culture, and reaches to most households around the world. With the news of the failing American traditional church, CMI chose to reach out to all believers that blog, evangelize, write, speak, serve, or preach to link hands across the world in solidarity while maintaining their individual denominations. CMI also seeks to educate and equip the believer on missions, social media, other religions and cults, technology, and theology so the believer can recognize a false teacher, speak to another culture or religion or cult, and also to define Christianity as it has lost its meaning over the years with cults claiming the name and some New Age mixing it into their religion. CMI launched January 12, 2015.

Future Plans: CMI is considering a nonprofit status, but for now will be going for an LLC. The website will eventually become bilingual. For now, people will have to depend upon Google to translate the website until such a time as volunteers can be provided to help CMI evolve. A FAQ’s page will be established should we get questions.

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