Hackers released the newest information on people registered with the cheating site, Ashley Madison. Josh Duggar and a Christian Vlogger were two of the most recent surprise reveals. Let’s talk about the Christian Vlogger.

Christianity Today had an excellent article on Sam and Nia. In God Doesn’t Need You to Go Viral,

Gawker’s Allie Jones notes Sam and Nia’s “tendency to talk about their unborn child in terms of views and social media engagement, and Sam’s announcement, directly after the videos went viral, that he quit his job due to the success of their YouTube channel.” Jones goes on to explore the Christian vlogging subculture in general: Are these families truly sharing their lives with the world to bring people to Christ, or are they more interested in fame and fortune?

This is not an accusation.

It’s a word of warning to all Christians online.

Numbers are nice. Like church, bloggers can’t focus on numbers. Take care of the numbers who follow you.  In some ways, a blog is like a planted church. A small number follow you. Take care of them. Help them find resources to grow in the Word. If your readers have trouble, pray for them. Take an active interest in them.

And in light of the Ashley Madison scandal?

Keep your own house clean. In this age of social media, cameras and hackers are everywhere. Blog and social media as if you will one day be “overheard” or discovered. Walk your walk in your real life and make sure your online life reflects those values. Secrets always come out. I hope and pray none of you visiting today were involved with Ashley Madison. If you were, and you haven’t been discovered, go to the Lord in repentance and seek help from your church.

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