Each of us have responsibilities on a daily basis whether it be as a spouse, parent, employee, or student and so on. We also, as Christians, have duties and responsibilities as well. Putting these things below into action will not only allow our lives to be an example for others to follow, but we will also be walking daily in the will of the Father. According to Romans 15:1-33, the Lord gives us these steps to follow:

  1. CONSIDER OTHERS ABOVE YOURSELF – There are so many things in life that we could avoid if we put our emotions and feelings aside and put others first.
  2. ENCOURAGE ONE ANOTHER – How often do we set out to encourage others? We need to make it a goal and mission to daily find something to compliment someone on and to bring hope and encouragement to others.
  3. WALK IN UNITY – We need to not focus on things that we may differ on but to seek to find things that you have in common. Walking in unity brings peace in the midst of confusion and eliminates strife from relationships.
  4. ACCEPT ONE ANOTHER – it’s not our job to change people but it is our job to love one another unconditionally. We are just fisher of men, it’s God’s job to do the cleaning.
  5. WORSHIP WITH ONE ANOTHER – Corporate worship brings peace, joy, faith and hope into our lives. Joining corporately allows the Holy Spirit to move in our midst as we worship Him in spirit and in truth.
  6. INSTRUCT ONE ANOTHER – church should be a place where we are instructed and are given things that we can apply to our lives on a daily basis. Church isn’t a place where your devils should be petted but where they should be cast out.
  7. FELLOWSHIP WITH ONE ANOTHER – Spending time with one another outside of church is a great way to develop a relationship with others and to build strong bonds and friendships
  8. LOVE ONE ANOTHER – the only kind of Godly love is unconditional love. We must love one another without conditions
  9. PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER – We need to be praying on a daily basis that we will make a positive impact and difference in someones life. We should be praying the word over people on a daily basis and through our prayer that they will be making progress in their own lives to live less like them and more like Him.

Applying these steps on a daily basis will not only increase your love for others, but will allow you to be a walking example of Christ’s love for others.


About Bill Jenkins

Bill Jenkins is a senior Pastor who has served in full time ministry for over 27 years, renowned conference, life coach and an award winning author. He has been recognized by the Mayor of Indianapolis as a community service leader and by the Minority Business Men as a “Man of Distinction”. He has been featured in Charisma magazine on Trinity Broadcasting Network as well as many other media sources. He is passionate about his work and desires to bring hope and encouragement to those he comes in contact with.

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