In the relationships that we build, “TRUST” is a key factor in order to have influence and to make an impact. Building trust with those who you serve with, work with or lead is the only way you will ever have success. Below are five crucial tests that you can take to ensure you are being a Trustworthy Leader.

Trust = assured reliance on the character, ability, strength and truth of someone.

*Whenever there is a absence of trust there will be the presence of strife.

5 Crucial Tests

  1. CHARACTER TEST  “Do I walk the talk?”
  2. COMMUNITY TEST “Do I talk the talk?”
  3. CHEMISTRY Test  “Am I jelling and connecting with people by building and nurturing relationships?”
  4. COMPETENCY TEST  “Am I effective?”
  5. CONDUCT TEST  “Do I act as I should?”

Ask yourself these questions, but also ask someone who is close to you and be humble to hear the truth from them. Remember, your goal is to lead others in the direction of the Lord. To become a better leader, you will only make those following you better as well.

About Bill Jenkins

Bill Jenkins is a senior Pastor who has served in full time ministry for over 27 years, renowned conference, life coach and an award winning author. He has been recognized by the Mayor of Indianapolis as a community service leader and by the Minority Business Men as a “Man of Distinction”. He has been featured in Charisma magazine on Trinity Broadcasting Network as well as many other media sources. He is passionate about his work and desires to bring hope and encouragement to those he comes in contact with.

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