The question that is most asked by Senior Adults where it concerns Social Media is, “Why do I want to be on it if all I am reading is about someone using the bathroom, drinking a coke, posting about what they are eating, or ________________.”  There are four very good reasons why you SHOULD get involved.

  • “I’m Having a Coke at Fry’s,” She posts one Saturday afternoon on Facebook as she shares a picture of the coke, or of herself drinking the coke in a selfie. What she is really saying is, “I want someone to talk to. Anyone online? Anyone here at Fry’s want to join me for a Coke?” This is your opportunity from an older woman to a younger woman to have those coveted heart-to-heart chats either in the comment section, in private message, instant chat, text or, if you are shopping at that same location, making time to find her and chat.
  • Robert posts a selfie of him drinking himself into a slumber. Stop what you are doing and pray for him. Make a note to engage him later in private message and build a bridge that could, through prayer and relationship, help him find assistance and be reconciled to Christ.
  • Tania posts a picture of her dinner. Food, like graphics, are almost an art form these days. Haven’t you been paying attention to Food Network? She’ll post what she is eating and where. If she uses a check-in, that could be an opportunity to say hello if you both are in the same restaurant or cafe. You could exchange recipes, talk about the restaurant, or how the chef prepared the dish.

And the most important reason?

  • The Age Gap:  “All Americans are increasingly dependent on new digital technologies to acquire entertainment, products, content, information and stimulation. However, older adults tend to use technology for information and convenience. Younger adults rely on technology to facilitate their search for meaning and connection. These technologies have begun to rewire the ways in which people – especially the young – meet, express themselves, use content and stay connected (2009 from here, emphasis mine).” Barna continued to assert in the report that technology was driving the generation gap.

Notably, many senior adult bloggers get little credit for their ability to cross the generation line. A special shout out to all you Senior Adult bloggers and those online! Keep up the good work!

Senior Adults have wisdom that is still relevant today, but not every Senior Adult is utilizing the tools God has given us to reach a distant generation. Many community classes to help Senior Adults with technology are often available at your local library or community centers. There are still barriers, like fear, that prevent them from getting online.

The video below had an interesting poll done of the people who took their webinar–One of the biggest complaints they had was not having enough time to get online. This also comes from Senior Adults. But here’s the deal: If you already do email, you spend a good chunk of time forwarding and reading forwards. Why not budget your time? Put it on the calendar. Social network on Tuesday for thirty minutes. Email on Friday for an hour.


Please listen to the video below. It’s basic information about getting online. While it addresses the church leadership, CMI thinks church congregations are the most under-utilized resource for spreading the Gospel online.

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